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WoCA (Wines of Chile & Argentina) 

          A Latin Experience

Founded in 2003, WoCA began as a premium wine import company boasting an impressive portfolio of some of the finest wineries from Chile. In 2010, WoCA introduced wines from Argentina and today our portfolio has grown to include the finest wineries of the Latin world, representing some of the best winemakers from South America and Spain.
Our mission is to establish ourselves as a leading importer of the finest Latin wines with a rich and diverse portfolio for the most exigent palates. WoCA proudly represents some of the most highly-respected brands in global markets and achieves the highest recognition in international competitions.
Our portfolio provides us with a wealth of expertise in the Latin wine industry as well as in-depth knowledge on authentic beers/spirits of South America.
As a company we are striving to assist Australian businesses and satisfy the increasingly sophisticated demand of consumers with a growing interest in these amazing regions.